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Anne Beckman (#47930718)
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Tom "Homer" W.
Hi Anne - I got your last message and I know it was such a relief for you to get good news from the CAT scan results, good for you, PTL! Also, to get those nasty bugs gone, a big sigh of relief with that too! But it may be a good idea to have the bug guy bug the bugs a few more times just to make sure they are gone for good, call it future assurance of a job well done by following up on it. I did vote and have not missed voting except for one time when I was overseas and they couldn't get the absentee ballots to us because of severe storms... One time in a lifetime isn't bad,. It would appear many got out and voted this time judging by the results - Harry Reid = eat your heart out! I haven't had any steak and shakes but did splurge at the grocery store, I bought a box of Kellogg's Frosted Flakes as a treat to myself! I have been eating Wheaties (Breakfast for Champions, don't ya know) but love Frosted Flakes and when I saw that they now have Frosted Flakes with 25% less sugar, I bought a box. Wheaties = 100 calories, Frosted Flakes (with reduced sugar) = 110 calories per serving and I can live with only ten calories difference. So, that may sound stupid but it is a big treat for me to have Frosted Flakes several times a week for breakfast. Is there a point to all of my rant - yes - the point is, you have to be very selective in what you eat, be very aware of the amount you eat, and take very little breaks from the healthier foods that you eat.... You can fudge once in a while, like I did, buying a cereal box of Frosted Flake (25% less sugar)... It takes sacrifice but if you want to lose weight bad enough the sacrifice is worth it. I have maintained my "perfect" weight of 170 for my age and height and that is through sacrifice and not giving in to Milky Ways left over from Halloween - ha.. Well, okay, maybe I did eat one... I have consistently stayed between 168-170 pounds so it's working for me with feeding my face with fruits and vegetables when I get the munchies, dig. I have been hiking a lot also which helps! You have the YMCA which can be a great help and when it's too cold for walking around Ft. Harrison there is always the indoor shopping malls to walk in though I try to avoid the malls during flu season. Hang in there, Anne, you're going to do just fine. Oh, the reason that two Christmas years stood out over the rest of them was because I am a twin -I know, I know - it's hard to believe that there could be two extremely good looking guys in the world at the same time - and when we were kids our parents were struggling to make ends meet (during WWII) and we had to share everything - my sister's girls bike, and even her scooter that we used our foot to make it go and so when my bro and I got our own Red Ryder BB guns and then two years later, our own Western Flyer boys bikes, it was such a surprise and the best gifts any kid could want. But also, I remember another Christmas when I was six years old my Dad gave us twins a replica toy 1903 Springfield rifle with a strap on it and the bolt had a wooden bullet attached to it when opened. It was such a neat toy and I slept with this rifle for a long, long time! God bless our men and women in uniform - God bless America - later gator, have a great weekend, Anne - Tom
Added by Tom "Homer" W. on Nov 08, 2014 11:09 AM
Tom "Homer" W.
~HIKING-BIKING~Haunted Cemeteries~
Anne-I am hoping your CAT scan proved to be good news and that your cold is no longer a problem for you. This past Sunday I took a long hike in the extreme north section of Morgan-Monroe State Forest and had a great day getting my own space. Where I hiked was in a rather remote section of the forest and I saw nobody. It was warm and a beautiful day. I do take a day pack with food, water, and some survival items just in case and it pays to be prepared especially when solo hiking. I have backpacked Hoosier National Forest over weekends many times in years past and always had a few survival items like a good knife, fire starters, several space blankets, sometimes a shotgun, depending on the time of year and I never had any real problems and I did it all without a cell phone!! Today, I consider my cell phone as my #1 survival tool. I don't venture into the woods without it now that we have them - ha! Once, some years ago I got off work on 2nd shift and came home, got my gear and drove to Morgan-Monroe State Forest to squirrel hunt and I walked back into the woods to a cemetery, Stepp Cemetery, and it was before daylight and I sat down to rest against an old grave marker and fell asleep with my unloaded, single shot shotgun across my lap! I went out like a light! I woke up when the sun hit my face shining through the trees about ten thirty am! A squirrel could have sat in my lap and I wouldn't have known it! A few years later I learned that this cemetery is supposed to be haunted by a woman in a black dress and that she guards the grave of a young child, "Baby Lester" and she is not a friendly being. Well, I fell asleep in this cemetery at night and woke up and was just fine but after hearing about this cemetery being haunted (you can Google up the history on it) I wouldn't do that again, no way! Kind of the same thing not going into the woods without my cell that technology gives us cell phones. I also took another hike at Ft. Harrison and have been getting in plenty of exercise walking/hiking but no bike riding. My Harley is ready to go and I am just waiting for a warm day before winter sets in. Some time I will tell you why those two Christmas's were so special... Also about a sister that was so special and I named my daughter after her. She earned a Ph.D (I.U.) on her own and became a professor and was loved by her students. She, like you, had many hardships to overcome. She was the smartest person I have ever known and had so much class, she never complained and was so strong. Wishing you a great week ahead and all good things, Anne... Are you ready- - catch you later on a freighter, alligator - after while crocodile - take it easy greasy, you've got a long way to slide - Tom
Added by Tom "Homer" W. on Nov 04, 2014 10:56 PM
Tom "Homer" W.
Hi Anne - we have a lot of Kit-Kat, Milky Way, and 3-Musketeers left over.... Not one kid came to our door Halloween night! Maybe our scary pumpkin scared them away or possibly the horrid weather?

Added by Tom "Homer" W. on Nov 04, 2014 9:42 PM
Tom "Homer" W.
Hi Anne - sorry it took so long to answer your email message but..... here I am! As you read this I am hoping that you did not come down with a cold and also that the Terminex man did his job well and that you're free of those nasty little bugs that creep around at night... Yes, I have been enjoying the wonderful weather that we've been having this past week. I took a Harley ride up to Fairmount to visit my daughter's grave, twice, and rode many miles on the Hoosier back roads. I passed a lot of motorcycles doing what I was doing, getting in riding time before the cold weather sets in. I also have been hiking a lot taking trails that are more remote in sections of Morgan-Monroe State Forest and to Prather Lake which is a fairly remote and rugged hike going down and coming back up out of the valley to Hatfield Ridge. In my younger years it was an easy day hike but now not so easy but good exercise. I do take plenty of water and packets of healthy food and have an afternoon lunch at the lake. I never see anyone there and have it all to myself though at times I felt that I was being watched... dare I say, Bigfoot? I was hiking Hatfield Ridge today dressed in camouflage packing my Nikon camera which always goes with me to this lake deep in the forest. But Anne, to save the time and gas driving to this forest you can do what I do a lot and that is walk the two and a half mile lake loop at Ft. Harrison. My wife and I do this loop often and it makes for a good workout for the heart and body! I have a Golden Pass (annual senior citizen pass for $18) and I do use it beaucoup mucho and it saves me from paying the daily entry gate fee. The fall colors are spectacular but hurry the trees will be bare soon. I had to wear my camouflaged jacket today with a wool cap as the wind was brisk and cool and the clouds moved in solid in the afternoon and it was kind of creepy getting back to my car...Halloweenish, if you know what I mean? It was dark when I reached my car. I had fun and got good exercise doing it. I love doing solo hikes in the forest but you can do that at Ft. Harrison with the many trails or the blacktop lake loop walk. A doe deer walked across our path right in front of us the other day there. Hang in there, Anne, think "light" when looking at food on the shelf in the grocery store and bottled water using Crystal Light flavors sure is healthier than Coke or Pepsi.... Oh, about Christmas past, two that I remember to this day was my dad got my bro and me Red Ryder BB guns at 8 years of age. I also bought a real Bowie knife at the local dime store and took hikes alone in McFarlan Woods (Cincinnati) and with my BB gun and Bowie knife I wasn't afraid of anything! My bro and I had to share our sister's bike, a girls bike! Bummer! My parents surprised us with our own Western Flyer boys bikes. They hid them in the garage of my cousins and we went there for Christmas supper and my dad said, "hey boys, take a look in the garage" - we were ten years old and my bro and I rode those bikes home that night in bitter cold and I can't remember feeling the cold at all! A two and a half mile ride back home. I still love BB guns (and have two, a 50th Anniversary Red Ryder and a new Model 25 pump BB gun and I still love riding bikes only now mine is a Harley - ha! Take care Anne, every day is precious, God bless America and our men and women in uniform - Tom
Added by Tom "Homer" W. on Oct 30, 2014 12:32 AM
Joe D.
Still thinking of you and praying for you.
Joe D.
Added by Joe D. on Oct 26, 2014 9:09 PM
Tom "Homer" W.
Hi Anne - your Terminex man should be doing his thing for you today and hoping he is packing a pair of large caliber spray guns, he'll need them to nail those little red devils.
I have been told by some that I am not right bright, maybe they might be right? But, even so, I have learned to lose weight and that wasn't easy. I changed my way of thinking and since I have a nagging habit of wanting to eat three meals a day and snacks in between re-charging brain cells to think in a healthier manner connected to anything I stuffed in my mouth has done wonders to my weight loss. I think "green" (as in vegetables) and eat less fatty foods and my snacks are healthy ones and not Milky Ways or Baby Ruth's. After conditioning my way of thinking for a healthier diet, an alarm goes off when I look at anything that shouldn't be in my stomach.... and, of course, it makes me feel much better and breathe much better and the discipline and sacrifices are well worth the effort. My heart likes me better too! I've been told that if you treat your heart nice it won't attack you... I took the load off my heart and feet-ha! Bottom line, it doesn't take a brain surgeon to know the difference between a healthy diet or a bad one and only you are responsible for your weight... The YMCA is a great place to exercise and you and hubby can do it as a team effort and the swimming pool offers a healthy way to exercise without hurting the ankles and knees, good for you and hubby. Wishing the best of everything for you - later alligator, after while crocodile - Tommo on the go...

Added by Tom "Homer" W. on Oct 18, 2014 11:23 AM
Tom "Homer" W.
Hi Anne - well this has been a crazy year with the weather and I have not been riding nearly as much as I would normally do because of the weather. I did make it to Cincinnati a couple of times on Harley rides and up north in Indiana but no long rides and for me the riding season is coming to a close. I am a warm weather Harley dude and the winter riding is for the tough guys (I'm a cream puff) and frozen fingers and shivering is no fun at all. I have been hiking a lot, however, and took several hikes to Prather Lake in Morgan Monroe State Forest which is a rather remote lake where there have been many reports made of "Bigfoot" sightings! I haven't seen anything unusual there and I have been to this lake many times over the years but I can certainly see that it is a perfect place for Bigfoot to hang out.... Anne, about my diet, I dropped from 212 down to 170 which is the perfect weight for my age and height and I haven't gain and have been maintaining 170 ... It takes will power and sacrifice, no Halloween candy, no Little Debbies, 1% milk, no Cokes/Pepsi, no Big Macs or Quarter Pounders - all the things I loved to feed my face with. But the results have been worth the sacrifice, I can make it to Prather Lake, a rough hike, can breathe again going up the steep hill out of the valley without gasping for air, and I feel so much better. Anne, there are tricks to losing weight, besides exercise, I use Stevia in my coffee or tea, no sugar on my Wheaties, I use Crystal Light to add flavor to bottled water and I stopped drinking all soft drinks... I eat a lot of fruit and for snacks I open a can of green beans or carrots and I can eat all the vegetables I want to fill in my hunger gaps. That's how I lost the weight and how I maintain it... You have to change your eating habits and the amount of food you eat. I am SO picky when I grocery shop because I know the foods that are bad for me. I get the items that have the word, "LIGHT" or "NO SUGAR ADDED" on the labels and look at the calories of each item. My meals consist a lot of TV dinners and I can buy a good tasting, 240 calorie TV dinner and I eat low fat everything but some of it is actually tasty and healthful and I have learned which foods are good for me and which foods aren't good for me. It has paid off and believe me grocery stores sell a lot of very unhealthy food and it's up to you to pick the good stuff off the shelf. The routine becomes automatic after awhile and you will be surprised how fast and easy it is to lose weight once you know the drill and practice it. Look at the labels, be picky, you don't have to starve yourself and do what I do, when I get hungry I pop open a can of green beans or carrots or a jar of beats (no sugar added) and I can eat all I want of them, dig?
About your problem with bed bugs - bummer! When I first came to this town I rented a furnished apartment on South East Street and after a couple of nights I woke up with red dots/sores all over my body! What the hell! I found these tiny bugs in my bed, under my bed, in the mattress and I confronted the land lord and the creep told me they were "fruit bugs" - sure they were! I took a few in a plastic bag downtown to the Marion County Health Department and they immediately identified the bugs as "bed bugs" and told me what to do and for me to get out of that apartment ASAP and I packed up my clothes in my AF duffel bag, went to a laundry mat and washed everything I had and dried them all twice! I then washed my duffel bag! I never went back to that apartment (which was a good thing because I wanted to hurt that lying land lord) and I have never seen another bed bug since then and that was back in the low 60's... it will definitely take professionals to get rid of them if, in fact, they can get rid of them completely because they can migrate from one apartment to another and it will be an on-going battle. New York City has an epidemic of bed bugs which is just one of about twenty reasons I don't live in New York City - ha!
Yes, I have been to NYC and was stationed there for a sort time before being shipped out overseas. I know you have been through a lot with your cancer treatments and I am sorry that you had to go through what you have been through and have to continue dealing with it. Hang in there and try to forget the chocolates and remember, Halloween candy is for the kids... Dare I say it, Anne... later alligator, after while crocodile - Tom

Added by Tom "Homer" W. on Oct 16, 2014 10:58 PM
Bennett Turk
Thank you very much.
Dear Ms. Beckman,
Thank you very much for the kind words you wrote about me. They were a joy to read. I really enjoyed them. That was very kind of you.
The messages you leave are also wonderful to read. They are very uplifting. I wish you the best in each and everything that you do. All the best to you and your loved ones, Anne.
Added by Bennett Turk on Oct 08, 2014 2:01 PM
Tom "Homer" W.
Hi Anne - I wrote a message to you, Anne but clicked on the wrong name, I guess? Anyway, my message went to Kick, below, so just click on her name and my message is on her site if she hasn't deleted it? I will get back to you later, alligator - Tom
Added by Tom "Homer" W. on Sep 04, 2014 10:58 PM
RE: Your Messsage to Kathleen kennedy Cavendish
Hello Anne! I'm sorry for replying so late. It's been a very busy month for me.

I have never met anyone who shows so much admiration for Kathleen besides me.. so glad I met you! Kathleen truly was wonderful, and it makes me happy that there are others who agree with that! Of course the other Kennedy women were spectacular too, but I can never stop being fascinated by Kathleen!

In the biography, "Kathleen Kennedy: Her Life and Times", I've learned so much about her. She was so different from her family. There are also some crazy stories as well; if you want me to tell you them, just ask :)

Did you say you MET Kathleen in real life?

I was reading some of Kathleen's letters and she really did seem very shaken up over Billy's death. Poor Kathleen. Only spent a short amount of time with him.. do you think she truly loved him? She said in one of her letters after his death: "Please dont worry about me... I certainly am well taken care of and Billy always seems quite near." I love that quote!

Yes, it's really awful how Joe Sr. was the only one to attend the funeral. I know her brother Jack wanted to go but apparently he was far too upset to attend.. not sure about the other siblings. It'd sad how Rose only forgave Kathleen AFTER she died. I wonder how Kathleen felt in her last moments. Upset? Angry? Scared?

I was so happy to find her on findagrave as well, for I really wish I could tell her how much I admire her. Have you ever been to her grave? It's my dream to see it in person. It'll be like I'm meeting her. I also want to see Billy's grave.

Oh yes, the three of us (you, her and I!) will have so much fun dancing with her and having picnics with her in Heaven. It will be great fun.

Can't wait to hear from you,

Added by Kick on Sep 02, 2014 5:00 PM
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