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Anne Beckman (#47930718)
 member for 2 years, 3 months, 11 days
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Tom "Homer" W.
Hi Anne - no, I haven't forgotten you! Sorry I haven't answered your message sooner. I just haven't been on the computer much lately and sometimes I need a break from Find A Grave... I have been doing a lot of hiking and the Muzzle-loader deer season is in at the moment so I have been out in the woods freezing but getting my space which I need and the deep woods gives me that. Yes, Anne, time does seem to slide by quickly and time seems to accelerate as we get older - bummer! I knew the story about the four brothers that were killed at Pearl Harbor... Devastating for their parents and families. The two brothers on our street were also killed that day but I was too young to remember but was told later by my parents. When my bro and I were together during part of the time we were in the service together it was a standard policy not to have us fly on the same flight and we always took different flights, that is, when on military aircraft. Good for you losing a few pounds! Keep it up! Not easy I know. Every time I drive by a McDonald's or Arbys I have to force myself not to pull in - ha! That's especially true with Burger King and they purposely fill the air with that Burger King smell to entice you in - true! That's a dirty, low-down trick they use to get more business and that's the reason I never give them my business. I am still maintaining my weight loss but did gain two pounds which shook me up and I went on a crash diet and came back down again and I am keeping it there. Not that two pounds is horrible but if I let it go then soon it will be four pounds and then six so that's the reason I quickly went back to my desired weight. I just cut out all snacks for a week and that brought me back down. Nobody said life was fair, huh. Absolutely nothing before bed time, that helps a lot, also. Anne, when I quit smoking (over 31 years ago) I would have dreams of lighting up and then wake up thinking thank God it was just a dream. Now I am dreaming of wolfing down sugar coated doughnuts and Arbys roast beef and potato patties-ha! Hey, it's not fair, I mean, you can stop smoking but you can't stop eating so I guess I will have those 'wolfing down goodies' dreams for the rest of my life.... Catch you later, gator, and wishing you and hubby a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and the very best of everything - Tommo on the go...

Added by Tom "Homer" W. on Dec 19, 2014 11:49 PM
Thank you for UR sweet message. So sorry to hear of your friend that passed away in 2007. I will definitely visit, when & if you post the memorial. We do have something in common [love of the color purple, angels & lovely butterflies].

May this Xmas season be filled with blessings for you & yours.
Ruth McDonald
St.Louis, MO
Added by purple-lady on Dec 13, 2014 8:17 PM
RE: Praying You'll Have LOVE, PEACE and JOY
Anne, you have had an amazing life! You would love where I live. I live in a Ghost Town Lund Idaho. It was once a hopping little town. I own all that is left of it, the country store and attached Victorian home with an attached motel. I live in both the store and house. I collect antiques so walking in my house is stepping back in time. The attached Motel housed many outlaws as well as pioneers on the trail ( I have a historical sight sign on Fish Creek Pass above my house). A pioneer Cemetery, my drinking well is a spring where the pioneers stopped to water their horses and oxen, bury their loved ones and fill up water for the rest of the stretch of the trail. All of this is in the book ("The Homesteaders) My Great Grandfather helped to build Lund. His house was the first to have gingerbread trim. The church was also a school house. My Grandma traveled to teach here and that is how she met my Grandpa Reddish :) I am close to Jackson Wyoming and Yellowstone national Park. I live in the mountains. I have slow internet!! The snow gets deep and sometimes I am stuck at home a few days in the winter but I love it here.
I am wishing both of you all the love and happiness of the Christmas season. Take care. HUGS Jeanette
Added by Little_Storm on Dec 13, 2014 4:08 PM
I read the beautiful note you left on Mary Ingalls tribute page. I was so very moved. I wish you many Blessings. Know You have someone in Idaho keeping you in my prayers.. Hugs.. Jen
Added by Little_Storm on Dec 12, 2014 2:07 PM
Mario Miranda
RE: Hi!
Hello and so glad to hear you had such a great Thanksgiving vacation. As for me and mine, we also had a great Thanksgiving with family and friends. As for Black Friday, no way. Here in Las Vegas things get way too crazy. I'd rather just shop online. Like today's Cyber Monday. I've trying to find a video game for my Grandson Robert but it seems they are out of stock just about everywhere. Maybe in a couple of week I'll have better luck. Wow, it is awesome that somebody would pay that much for Bert's costume. I bet that person really loves it. Thank you for the Christmas wishes and may your and yours be blessed this season and in the new year to come. Mario : )
Added by Mario Miranda on Dec 01, 2014 3:08 PM
Mario Miranda
Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you are having a wonderful night. May many more blessing be bestowed upon you and your family this Holiday Season and everyday thereafter. Mario
Added by Mario Miranda on Nov 27, 2014 8:50 PM
Tom "Homer" W.
Hi Anne - sorry it took so long in answering your message - I haven't been on the computer much lately doing other things, mostly outdoor activities.... Yes, a brutal and disgraceful act against humanity and all that's holy and decent which is the common practice of these radical Muslims that are even murdering their own people by the thousands, innocent woman, old men, children (all Muslims) and though it is a horrible thing what they did to a peace loving Hoosier one must put things in perspective.... There have been tens of thousands of innocent civilians killed in Syria, alone! ISIS is just one radical militant group killing innocent people. I don't think our President has a clue and it will take more than air strikes to stop ISIS which means more American deaths if we put boots on the ground to fight them. When I was a kid I remember WW II and though I didn't really understand the horrors of war, I did know what mothers tears were and the grief of those loved ones looking at the daily casualty list posted at the YMCA bulletin board and my dad running outside to spot and log in any aircraft flying overhead. He had ID aircraft cards and knew every plane by heart both American and enemy aircraft (German and Jap planes)... Two brothers that lived on my street were killed at Pearl Harbor, I knew and understood the grief of war at a very early age and the sacrifices that every civilian citizen dealt with in support of the war effort. My dad was too old to enlist but he had a rare type O blood which was in great demand and he actually was giving more blood than he should have because it was needed so badly and he was a volunteer airplane spotter, also. I didn't know the horror of war because my young mind had no conception of that. Anne, the millions of Jews that were slaughtered like so much cattle, tortured to death in many instances with Iran stating the Holocaust never happen and denying all the evidence, eye witnesses, survivors, documentation and actual photos - how do you deal with people like that??? They are blind from all reality and truth. I was raised up with war! After WW II (which my cousins fought in and my uncle was in the service too, then came Korea, then Vietnam, and then the Gulf Wars, Iraq, Afghanistan, with dozens of smaller battles being fought in South America and around the world by American, British, Australian and Canadian troops in the cause of Freedom. You know, humans are not very kind to one another but we do what what we have to do to preserve life and freedom and without freedom you don't have a life! Anyone that complains about America really, really, needs to take a good look at the rest of the world, countries like North Korea for instance, Africa, India, Pakistan, etc. Americans are spoiled, they need to take an honest look at the world and they may then realize just how lucky we are to live in America. So many of the worlds inhabitants would love to trade places with the very poorest of us Americans and if you don't believe that just look at our borders and those that have drowned trying to reach Florida by boat from Cuba. In the Bible it says, in end times they will make fun of all that is Holy and that is exactly what is going on and that armies will gather around Israel and that's what's happening but speaking of beheadings, Christ will come with a two edged sword and heads will fall and the streets will be running with blood from those that come against the Jews and Justice will prevail only as for me, I am not going to ask for justice, I am going to ask for mercy, I say, come Lord, come. Well, Anne, I didn't address all of your message but did give you some feelings that I have with the beginning of your message. Try not to be upset or discouraged by anything, especially those things out of your control, and remember this, God is still in control and when He gets fed up, heads will roll, blood will flow, and I would definitely want to be on His side when that comes to pass. Hang in there, have a Happy Thanksgiving and it will mean more, sadly knowing, many will not have anything to eat on Thanksgiving Day or on days and I should, indeed, be very thankful. Catch you later, alligator, after while crocodile - ha - remember the days when the news media bashed Elvis Presley for his long sideburns...gosh, things sure have changed - Take care, later Anne - Tom
Added by Tom "Homer" W. on Nov 24, 2014 1:39 PM
Tom "Homer" W.
Hi Anne - I got your last message and I know it was such a relief for you to get good news from the CAT scan results, good for you, PTL! Also, to get those nasty bugs gone, a big sigh of relief with that too! But it may be a good idea to have the bug guy bug the bugs a few more times just to make sure they are gone for good, call it future assurance of a job well done by following up on it. I did vote and have not missed voting except for one time when I was overseas and they couldn't get the absentee ballots to us because of severe storms... One time in a lifetime isn't bad,. It would appear many got out and voted this time judging by the results - Harry Reid = eat your heart out! I haven't had any steak and shakes but did splurge at the grocery store, I bought a box of Kellogg's Frosted Flakes as a treat to myself! I have been eating Wheaties (Breakfast for Champions, don't ya know) but love Frosted Flakes and when I saw that they now have Frosted Flakes with 25% less sugar, I bought a box. Wheaties = 100 calories, Frosted Flakes (with reduced sugar) = 110 calories per serving and I can live with only ten calories difference. So, that may sound stupid but it is a big treat for me to have Frosted Flakes several times a week for breakfast. Is there a point to all of my rant - yes - the point is, you have to be very selective in what you eat, be very aware of the amount you eat, and take very little breaks from the healthier foods that you eat.... You can fudge once in a while, like I did, buying a cereal box of Frosted Flake (25% less sugar)... It takes sacrifice but if you want to lose weight bad enough the sacrifice is worth it. I have maintained my "perfect" weight of 170 for my age and height and that is through sacrifice and not giving in to Milky Ways left over from Halloween - ha.. Well, okay, maybe I did eat one... I have consistently stayed between 168-170 pounds so it's working for me with feeding my face with fruits and vegetables when I get the munchies, dig. I have been hiking a lot also which helps! You have the YMCA which can be a great help and when it's too cold for walking around Ft. Harrison there is always the indoor shopping malls to walk in though I try to avoid the malls during flu season. Hang in there, Anne, you're going to do just fine. Oh, the reason that two Christmas years stood out over the rest of them was because I am a twin -I know, I know - it's hard to believe that there could be two extremely good looking guys in the world at the same time - and when we were kids our parents were struggling to make ends meet (during WWII) and we had to share everything - my sister's girls bike, and even her scooter that we used our foot to make it go and so when my bro and I got our own Red Ryder BB guns and then two years later, our own Western Flyer boys bikes, it was such a surprise and the best gifts any kid could want. But also, I remember another Christmas when I was six years old my Dad gave us twins a replica toy 1903 Springfield rifle with a strap on it and the bolt had a wooden bullet attached to it when opened. It was such a neat toy and I slept with this rifle for a long, long time! God bless our men and women in uniform - God bless America - later gator, have a great weekend, Anne - Tom
Added by Tom "Homer" W. on Nov 08, 2014 11:09 AM
Tom "Homer" W.
~HIKING-BIKING~Haunted Cemeteries~
Anne-I am hoping your CAT scan proved to be good news and that your cold is no longer a problem for you. This past Sunday I took a long hike in the extreme north section of Morgan-Monroe State Forest and had a great day getting my own space. Where I hiked was in a rather remote section of the forest and I saw nobody. It was warm and a beautiful day. I do take a day pack with food, water, and some survival items just in case and it pays to be prepared especially when solo hiking. I have backpacked Hoosier National Forest over weekends many times in years past and always had a few survival items like a good knife, fire starters, several space blankets, sometimes a shotgun, depending on the time of year and I never had any real problems and I did it all without a cell phone!! Today, I consider my cell phone as my #1 survival tool. I don't venture into the woods without it now that we have them - ha! Once, some years ago I got off work on 2nd shift and came home, got my gear and drove to Morgan-Monroe State Forest to squirrel hunt and I walked back into the woods to a cemetery, Stepp Cemetery, and it was before daylight and I sat down to rest against an old grave marker and fell asleep with my unloaded, single shot shotgun across my lap! I went out like a light! I woke up when the sun hit my face shining through the trees about ten thirty am! A squirrel could have sat in my lap and I wouldn't have known it! A few years later I learned that this cemetery is supposed to be haunted by a woman in a black dress and that she guards the grave of a young child, "Baby Lester" and she is not a friendly being. Well, I fell asleep in this cemetery at night and woke up and was just fine but after hearing about this cemetery being haunted (you can Google up the history on it) I wouldn't do that again, no way! Kind of the same thing not going into the woods without my cell that technology gives us cell phones. I also took another hike at Ft. Harrison and have been getting in plenty of exercise walking/hiking but no bike riding. My Harley is ready to go and I am just waiting for a warm day before winter sets in. Some time I will tell you why those two Christmas's were so special... Also about a sister that was so special and I named my daughter after her. She earned a Ph.D (I.U.) on her own and became a professor and was loved by her students. She, like you, had many hardships to overcome. She was the smartest person I have ever known and had so much class, she never complained and was so strong. Wishing you a great week ahead and all good things, Anne... Are you ready- - catch you later on a freighter, alligator - after while crocodile - take it easy greasy, you've got a long way to slide - Tom
Added by Tom "Homer" W. on Nov 04, 2014 10:56 PM
Tom "Homer" W.
Hi Anne - we have a lot of Kit-Kat, Milky Way, and 3-Musketeers left over.... Not one kid came to our door Halloween night! Maybe our scary pumpkin scared them away or possibly the horrid weather?

Added by Tom "Homer" W. on Nov 04, 2014 9:42 PM
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