Privacy Statement

Short Answer: We don't share your email or any other information with anyone.

Longer Answer: Sick of reading long, legal privacy policies? So are we...Concerned about your privacy on the internet? So are we! The people who work on Find A Grave hate getting unsolicited, junk email (spam) as much as you do. We also hate lengthy, privacy statements that are impossible to comprehend...that said, here is our promise: we will never, ever share your personal information with any third party. When you enter your personal information on Find A Grave, you can be assured that we will never share, sell or otherwise distribute this information to anyone ... We collect this information so we may let you know (via email, direct mail, singing telegram or otherwise) about new features or changes to Find a Grave or about related products and services, and because we believe you should receive credit for your Find A Grave contributions... If you prefer to remain anonymous, you can edit your 'contributor page', preventing your email and name from appearing to the public...

Advertiser regulations: Find A Grave, Inc. works with several third parties that serve ads on this site. We do not share our contributor information with any of the third-party advertisers! But we do use third-party advertising companies to serve ads when you visit our web site or use our mobile application. These companies may use aggregated information (not including your name, address, email address or telephone number) about your visits to this and other Web sites, or your use of the Find a Grave mobile application, in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you. All users who receive an ad served on the Find A Grave Web site or mobile application retain anonymity where Find A Grave is concerned. Your name, address, phone number, and email address all remain your private properties. Find A Grave does, however, collect information which is specific to how you use the Internet or your mobile device. Find A Grave servers note non-personally identifying details such as, but not limited to, the server you are logged onto, the geographic location of the ISP you use, the type of browser you use, and your IP address. If you access Find A Grave via your mobile device (e.g. phones, tablets), we may collect mobile device identifiers such as the device type, device ID, IP address, and the operating system you use. All of this information is obtained solely for the purpose of site and application statistics generation, targeting ads and measuring a given ad's effectiveness. If you would like more information about this practice and to know your choices about not having this information used by these companies, click here. Please note that this policy applies to all webpages served within the domain, as well as the auxiliary domains including,,, and

Mobile Application: If you use your mobile device to take a picture through the Find A Grave mobile application, we may ask if you wish to include your location. If you agree, Find A Grave will add your location to the photo. We will also occasionally send you push notifications through your phone or tablet to give you more information about Find A Grave. If you don’t like these notifications, you can change the settings on the application to stop getting them. We also use software to allow us to better understand how well our application is working. This software lets us know how often you use the application, how the application is working for you and others, the features that you and other users are finding most useful, and where you got the application from. We do not connect any of this information to any of the personal information that you submit through the mobile application.

Security: Find A Grave places great importance on the security of all of our users’ personal information. We have security measures in place to try protect against the loss, misuse or alteration of our users’ data under our control. For example our security and privacy practices are periodically reviewed and improved if we think they are not adequate to protect your information. We use secure server software to encrypt financial information you input before it is sent to us. In addition, we use encryption when transmitting location data from the mobile application.

When this Policy Does Not Apply: This privacy policy does not extend to any site or sites that you may navigate to should you exit the Find A Grave website by clicking on an advertisement or another link. Intentional misuse of the Find A Grave website voids this Privacy Policy. Intentional misuse includes but is not limited to posting illicit images, posting information or images known to be inaccurate and posting offensive or inflammatory 'virtual flowers'.

Changes: This policy may be updated by Find A Grave at any time. Changes will be posted to the website. Also, as Find A Grave's business continues to grow, Find A Grave may buy or sell subsidiaries or business units. In these transactions, customer information is often one of the transferred assets. In the event that Find A Grave, or substantially all of its assets are acquired, customer information will, as a matter of course, be one of the transferred assets.