Get Your FREE Find A Grave Sticker!
We're giving Find A Grave stickers away for FREE! For the price of a stamp, we'll send you a sticker like the one pictured above. Please be sure to send a standard business-sized envelope (#10) so we can send you your sticker without folding it.
Send Self Addressed Stamped Envelope to:
Find A Grave Sticker
PO Box 522107
Salt Lake City, UT 84152-2107
Why would anyone want a Find A Grave sticker?
Slap one on your car's bumper to identify yourself as a 'graver' when you drive through cemeteries. Put one on your laptop. Hang one on your wall at work and let your co-workers wonder about you. Get creative! Email us a photo of your sticker in action and we'll add it to the sticker scrapbook (not to be confused with our tattoo scrapbook).