Find A Grave tattoos in action!

Christine, Old Faithful and a Find A Grave tattoo (2009)

Grave Addiction and her REAL Find A Grave tattoo at Houdini's grave (2008)

Joan at the church of the village of Castellane, southern France (Provence) (2008)

Joan at "Les Colombiéres" in the Domainal Forest of the Gorges du Verdon, southern France (Provence) (2008)

Grave Addiction at the grave of Rutherford Adkins (2007)

At Ezra Pound's grave (2005)


Jim at Lindbergh's grave. (2004)

GraveAddiction with her REAL Find A Grave Tattoo at Charles Post's grave. (2004)

GraveAddiction with her REAL Find A Grave Tattoo at Junior Walker's grave. (2004)
As far as I know, this is the first real Find A Grave tattoo in the world!

Horst, Nicole and the little Lara at the dome of Cologne. (2003)
This is easily one of my favorite tattoo photos ever taken.

Heiko and Horst at  the dome of Cologne. (2003)

Kidd Gunn at Jennie Wade's grave in Gettysburg, Pa.
She was the only civilian killed in the battle of Gettysburg. (2003)

Kidd Gunn at Gettysburg hero John Burns grave. (2003)

Owen, AKA "Little Digger #1," mulches the flowers in the Diggerville Azalea Garden. (2003)

GraveAddiction and Harry Blackstone in Colon, MI. (2003)

Kathleen at the Last Open Air theater in Ripley, MS. (2003)

Kathleen leaves a wish and a coin at the Ripley, MS Trivial Fountain. Water will be added with the next rain. (2003)

Captain Kundalini and Stevie Ray Vaughn (2003)
Not really a tattoo, but fun nonetheless.

GraveAddiction and Sojourner Truth. (2003)

GraveAddiction (2003)

GraveAddiction's hand (2003)

PoolGirl's midriff (2003)

Mslomilomi with the USS Arizona (2003)

Mslomilomi with the USS Missouri ("Mighty Mo") (2003)

Lynn at the Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy (2003)

Jim at Saint Peters Basilica at the Vatican (2003)
I sent a bunch of tattoos to the fine folks
at 24/7 Real Media and they sent me back these photos...
24/7 Real Media handles some of the advertising at Find A Grave.

24/7 sales rep, Kelly (2002)

24/7 account managers, Mandy and Kristen (2002)

24/7 sales rep, Frank, with his Find A Grave magnet (2002)

John R. Bacak uses his tattoo in his hat (2002)

John R. Bacak, Cemetery Detective (2002)

Mary in Venice (2002)

Lynn and David in Venice (2002)

Mary at the Rialto Bridge in Venice (2002)

John R. Mark sent in this novel use of the tattoos (2002)

Jenn (shielding her eyes) at the Smithsonian in Washington, DC (2002)

Mary getting her new tattoo in NYC (2002)

Mary with her new tattoo in NYC (2002)

Andrew at the White House (2002)

Andrew at the White House (2002)

Andrew at JFK's Tomb (2002)

Jim at the Empire State Building (2002)

Jim's daughter, Quinn, processing hundreds of tattoo requests! (2002)

Jim's daughter, Quinn, processing tattoo requests! (2002)